Watch: Baba Ramdev Deafeats Ranveer Singh In A Dance Battle

Baba Ramdev is a well known yoga guru but it’s equally true that he has tried his hand in many fields such as politics, business etc. But now Ramdev Baba is taking on the news for defeating Ranveer Singh in a Dance Challange. This happened in Agenda Aaj Tak 2016, when Ranveer decided to make stage his makeshift Gym.

Ranveer’s energy level is so high that he hardly thinks any one can defeat him and too when it is dancing. Then he invited Baba Ramdev on the stage, he never thought that a yoga guru will be much of a challange. But Baba Ramdev is not like others, he came on the stage , accepted challange. Baba Ramdev tried out some dance poses while Ranveer tried yoga positions of Ramdev Baba and was tired out by Ramdev baba who left him panting and had to accept defeat.

This video is pure gold, even audience enjoyed it. Ramdev Baba then asked Ranveer about his lack of stamina. Who knew the B-Town fitness freak could be asked questions on his fitness. Looks like Ranveer can take tips from yoga guru.

Ranveer Later said that he accepts his defeat and will surely takes fitness tips from Baba Ramdev. The duo performed various dance steps and yoga positions and enlighted the show.

Here are some pics from the Dance challange









So it takes a Ramdev Baba to defeat Ranveer Singh on a dance battle, check out the video of the duo.