This is why society differentiate WOMEN from MEN!

Its late, you shouldn’t go out now alone. It is not right for a young girl like you to go out at this time in the night.

Without a doubt it can be agreed that majority of the female population of our society at some point of her life has to listen to this. And the worst part is that they are compelled to follow such ‘highly intellectual beliefs’. Having said this, here we tend to focus more on the various gender stereotypes that have been literally imposed onto individuals of the society based on some totally illogical arguments. And also an important conclusion that one can very easily derive from this discussion is that it’s not just women who face such a situation, even the males are subjected to these illogical beliefs. Here are some of the most common stereotypes imposed by the society:

  • Women do not make efficient drivers

One such gender stereotype is that a woman cannot be a good driver. Why not, in today’s scenario where the Indian Air Force has finally commissioned its first squadron of women fighter pilots we still tend to believe that women cannot be considered as efficient drivers. One can certainly ask why? Women too have a pair of leg and arms and sense organs that can coordinate as efficiently as that of a man, they too know how to change a gear or apply brakes when required. Then why is such a stereotype labelled onto them? No grey matter from our society can justify such a stereotype, because all they can believe is that a woman is made to do the household chores, cook food and look after the family.


  • Doing household work is not at all manly

A man in our society who tends to take interest in house hold chores, cooking, etc., is looked up to as a man with less manliness as compared to the others. How? How on earth can one justify this gender stereotype in which a man’s manliness gets questioned if he takes interest in cooking or any of the other house chores. When we talk of equality among gender in the society and now encourage women to do jobs and earn then how can we reject the concept of house husbands? It might sound funny but isn’t it logical when talking about equality?


  • Women are delicate creatures

Another stereotype existing in the society is that women are delicate creatures; they cannot work or adapt to harsh conditions. Thus resulting in a small proportion of females in the defense services, the police and paramilitary services. If this stereotype has any logical basis, then how is it possible that figures like Kiran Bedi and Anjana Bhaduria have existed in this society and proved to be equally efficient as men.

  • Be a ‘MAN’!

At the same time, a man is expected to be rough and tough which only God knows why is considered to be a criterion to judge one’s manliness. A man should not do any work that might harm his macho-ness. This thus becomes a reason why many men get discouraged and tend to kill their aspirations just for the sake of saving their so called macho-ness in this hypocrite society.


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