Things You Didn’t Know About “Finding Dory”!

Last time, it was the orange clown-fish Nemo who had to be found. This time around it is Dory, the regal blue tang with a ‘short-term-remembery-loss’ who gets lost!

Finding Dory

Dory who has been hanging out with Nemo and his dad Marlin suddenly has a flash of her past life — she had a mom and dad! That’s all it takes for her to take off to a marine institute in California, to search for her parents.

As it is a Disney animation film, we know how this will end. In between, Dory and her clown-fish pals have an adventure, spending maximum time with a seven-legged octopus called Hank whose sole ambition is to get to an aquarium in Cleveland, they bump into a short-sighted whale shark, Destiny who turns out to be a childhood buddy, and a beluga whale, Bailey who is trying rev up his echo-location talent (These set of new characters are so CUTE! They have their own significance in the film and teach you that everybody is special in a way you might not recognize at first!).

Finding Dory

Here are facts about Finding Dory which you may not have found while watching the film:

Hank the “septopus” was a lot harder to create than people can imagine!
Hank is the first kind of animation that Pixar has ever done. It was a back and forth collaboration between art and animation to get the tentacles just right. It took about a year to create a Hank that was worthy of showing it to the directors! One shot of Hank alone took six months to create. (Spoiler: it’s the tank scene). Hank is the hardest kind of animation the studio has ever produced.Since they placed the mouth at the bottom of Hank’s face (nearly invisible), the animators gave more expression to Hank’s eyes and brows ( So much logic in just an animated film. Worth each time you went ‘Woaaaah’ when it changed its colors ).
Finding Dory has been brewing in Stanton (the Director!)’s mind for a long time
Several members of the crew, including the director, visited Monterey Bay Aquarium in California to study and get inspired by Dory’s new home.The idea for Finding Dory came about when Stanton, watched Finding Nemo for the first time. As he was watching, he didn’t know if Dory could ever find Nemo and Marlin again after getting lost. That’s when he knew he had another story to tell! Stanton always knew Dory’s backstory and saw her as a tragic character.The most difficult part about the movie was making Dory a main character and coming up with ways for her to self-reflect, despite having short-term memory loss.During the writing process of Dory, the writers worked hard to make sure Dory showed some wisdom and didn’t come off as too silly.
Embrace your weaknesses.
Stanton wanted a movie that celebrates Dory’s disability and challenges as a superpower. The cinematographers made sure that the audience stuck with Dory throughout the film and were constantly experiencing new adventures as she was. The scene where Dory is first placed into the Marine Life Institute took 146 takes, 13 months, and 18 artists and animators involved to render and complete. The storyboarding process on Finding Dory lasted for approximately three and a half years. A key difference between Finding Nemo and Finding Dory are the types of struggles the main character faces. Both have external and internal problems, but Dory’s internal one is a lot more personal as she deals with her short-term memory issue. You won’t see much of today’s world as the movie only takes a place a year after Finding Nemo. The film made a point to focus more on the mother and daughter relationships aspect between Dory and her mother.It has more female characters than Finding Nemo. Reason? More female writers!