Tathaagat Shukla – The Man Who Shines With His Vines

It has become common to see our Facebook feeds filled with videos and memes that express everyday as well as the trending issues in a hilarious manner. The best method through which bloggers accomplish this is through ‘Vine’, which allows you to speak loud and reach out to the entire world with videos that can be as short as 6.2 seconds or up to a few minutes. This is how Alx James, Cameron Dallas and Logan Paul are now Celebrities. How cool is it to know that a young man from our country too is now a potential candidate in that list?! Well, that genius is none other than,’Tathaagat Shukla‘! Watching all his ‘Desi’ Vine videos can make you explode into uncontrollable laughter.

Here is what you need to know about him and how he has made it so far!


 Tathaagat discovered his love for theater when he was just  4 years old! He comes from a family which has always loved acting & considered it as their passion as well as profession (and that is also how he never had the trouble of convincing his parents to let him chase his dreams).  Started around 14 months ago, Tathaagat is currently one of the Top entertainers in India with more than 167k followers on Instagram & 350+ videos produced, acted & uploaded on social media. He brings us doses of laughter daily and the quality keeps getting better each time (FOLLOW HIM ON EVERYTHING!)

Only in his 20s now and here is the list of amazing AWARDS he has bagged:

  1. Best Director (Drama) : GTU 2015
  2. Best Director and Best Actor (Short-film): SCET 2014
  3.  Best Director : SMC DRAMA COMPETITION 2013 .
  4.  Best Directed Short film : 2012
  5. Best Drama : Verve 2012
  6.  Best Short film (2nd) : Kshitij 2012
  7. Best Child Actor : SMC DRAMA COMPETITION 2011
  8. Best Child Actor : SMC DRAMA COMPETITION 2007


Tathaagat is also up for stand up comedies (LIVE!) . He has performed around 3 so far and there are loads of colleges waiting in line to have him over for Special Events and spread  contagious laughter.Although theater is his first love and spontaneous comedy runs in his blood, Tathaagat too felt a little nervous and anxious just before he performed live for the very first time ( and I grabbed the opportunity to quickly get him give us a tip about overcoming stage fear!) here is his HACK!

“While starting your performance , try to focus on the bright lights set up on stage and start talking. This helps because you won’t be able to see the faces of the audience. Once you feel you are on the right track and pace start looking at the public and perform like a PRO. The applauds are definitely worth it”

In 5 years from now Tathaagat is confident about attaining his peak in social media, he wants to see himself on the silver screens and reaching out to more people. Currently, he is focusing on his talents,improving his finesse and physique to obtain the place he deserves in the limelight. 10608710_10152584998578670_8653636443258837962_o

Watching him do so well and become famous through Vine, there are many of us who would want to follow his path, here is a MESSAGE he wants to convey:

“You don’t always need professional training to become a great actor. Watch movies, the people around you , observe how they act and try to understand the nuances in their facial expressions, voice modulations and body language.  Be innovative, creative and always on the look out for new concepts and stay updated about what is trending. Failures are the stepping stones to success, don’t let them trip you and pull you down. Most importantly you need to have a strong career that would help you in facing the struggles of becoming an actor . One cannot always be on top when it comes to cinemas. You definitely need a sound back up”. Tathaagat himself is now pursuing his higher studies as an IT engineer.10923330_10153021554168670_8369779972419240141_n

Watching the Funniest Videos is just a few links away!:

Youtube : www.youtube.com/c/TathaagatShukla

Facbook : https://web.facebook.com/Tathaagat/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/tathaagat/

Snapchat : @TksssTksss

Twitter : @Tathaagat

E-mail: tathaagat.sms@gmail.com


The Engineer Babu and team wishes you all the very best for your future endeavours. We will always support you in your fantabulous work. Rock the world with your Vines, way to go!