See How Celebrities Reacted on Bengaluru Mass Molestation – Watch Video

The recent incident of mass molestation of women in Bangalore on New Year’s eve by male revelers has left the country in shock. This type of incident is not acceptable as our women and sister now feel unsafe to walk out of the home on any occasion. This shows the glimpse of male dominated society.

It’s said new year comes with new beginnings. Is this what they meant? Are women always going to be the subjected to molestation or being raped? Do men only see women as sex object? Everyone in this country is voicing against this incident . See what Bollywood celebrities has to say about this.

In the video below, you can see Akshay not only sympathizing over the regressive society we live in but further slamming the men saying, “The Bangalore incident makes me feel we are evolving backwards,from humans to animals,rather beasts cause even animals are better! Truly shameful!.”

Akshay  spoke for the women who fall prey to such hooligans every now and then as he added, “Girls, please do not see yourselves weaker than any men. You are very capable of safeguarding yourselves. There are quite a few self defence techniques in martial arts to fight these men. Kisi ke baap mein dum nahi ki aapke marzi ke bina aapko haath bhi lagaye. You don’t have to worry or get scared, you are no less than anybody around. Just be alert, learn self defence and the next time someone tries to advice on what you are wearing, then just tell them to keep their advice to themselves and mind your own business.”

In an interview, Abu Azmi from the Samajwadi Party ahd said: “Aaj modern zamane mein jitni aurat nangi nazar aati hai utna usey fashionable kaha jata hai. ”
(In today’s generation, fashion is how short a woman wears her dress).

Angered by his statement, Varun wrote, “Argggh how this angers me. Sir punish the criminals not the victims. Women can wear what they want it’s their choice.”

Even the actress of Pink movie came forward to express her views,

Here are some tweets from other celebrities who showed their anger on the incident.