Quirky Fashion You Can’t Miss This Monsoon!

Here’s the time for arrival of monsoon. The perfect season to dampen our style from head to toe, from giving us those frizzy hair to spoiling our lovely shoe with puddles. So what we all do is try to weather-proof our wardrobe. But this season why not add a twitch of quirkiness to our attire.

Here are a few options which will help you look a bit quirky, but careful if you over-do, you may end up looking like a weirdo, which neither of us want.

1.Raincoats and Umbrella: Well, isn’t it obvious, the first thing we think of when we hear the word rain are these, as they are the perfect accessories to keep ourselves dry. But these can also help beyond their function by giving us the look which we want.

beautiful girl with umbrella under rain, black background

Here’s few similar stuffs

2.Footwear : Ah ! This definitely is a sensitive issue for us. The moment we see mud on our lovely shoes, it makes us so crazy, I can totally understand. To save us from that, we take boots to be an essential thing during rain but now it’s time to swap those leather boots to some fun plastic crocs.


Here’s few similar stuffs

3.Handbags : Handbags are something which doesn’t really need weather proofing but then if  the whole attire is simple it can give you that style statement you’re looking for. So rather than using those regular roomy classy handbags, we can switch them with some funky jelly bags.

jellu bag

Here’s few similar stuffs

4.Jewellery : This is the perfect time for those plastic jewellery pieces and rubber watches in bright colors which you haven’t been wearing since ages. The choker accessory is too much in trend these days and they look super stylish as well.


Here’s few similar stuffs

5.Clothes : Though this goes without saying about your bright colored ankle length dresses and capri lowers, which should be brought to the ‘regular use’ section of your wardrobe.

ankle dress

Here’s few similar stuffs

Try the slight change, you never know, it may welcome a lot of compliments for you. 😉