Wondering What To Wear To Work? This Is Your Perfect Style Guide!

“Oh god, I don’t have anything to wear !” This line is said by every woman getting ready for office in the morning, looking at a closet full of clothes.

The point here is not to have ‘n’ number of clothes. The point should be to have correct clothes for the correct occasion according to your body type.

Women going to office have so much explore as options to wear everyday.

It’s pretty much common sense not to wear belly-baring tops or short shorts to the office. But the rules of workplace grooming, from self-tanner and concealer to nail art and shaving, are a little tougher to decipher.

So to ease out that thinking process, here are some guidelines and ideas to dress up pitch perfect for your normal office days and still look fabulous.


It’s always better to stick with simple basics and classics.

So to get the perfect classic look, you can just pair up a black trouser pants with a normal base colored shirt to go with it. Accessorize with a Mat leather handbag, slight nude makeup and classy watch.

And voila! You have the perfect classic look.



To get the amazing professional look one can always add a blazer to normal jeans and a normal tank top. The blazer or the over coat adds such an amazing sense of confidence and elegance to the look.

Add a pair of pencil peep toes with it and you are ready to rock the blazer.



Its very normal to wear a dress  and go to office. But there are some rules which are needed to be followed while doing so.

Your dress shouldn’t be too short. A knee length dress is well to do. It should be a little on the tighter side of the fighting. If the dress is shorter avoid wearing high heels with it.

Add a good handbag and accessories with it and you’re good to go!



The days when you don’t feel like dressing up much and just want to wear something more comfortable, you can always catch up a pair of jeans and add a normal top to it with flats to go along! Add a nice bag to it and accessorize.



If you’re bored of wearing the normal formal clothes everyday, you can spice it up a little by adding some street styles to it!

Palazzo pants are the new trend! Pair them up with a trendy top or a shirt and you’re good to go! Heels are recommended to keep the professional look with a classy bag or a clutch in a sober dull color.


Who’s the perfect office chick now?