This New Look of Anil Kapoor Would Give The Upcoming Men In The Film Industry A Run For Their Money

Who looks 30 even at the age of 30 ? Well Anil Kapoor surely does. He has most often been referred to one of the hottest B-Town daddies. Whether he has just cracked the proper recepie to keep you look as young or it is just his biological process. But it surely has made girls fall over him time over time.

Anil Kapoor

Just days away from his 60th birthday, Anil Kapoor tweeted out a photograph of his new hairstyle that would give the up and coming men in the Indian film industry a run for their money.

“Life’s too short to have boring hair!” the actor wrote, while tweeting the photo. The forever young actor was on his way to the Impact Person of the Year 2016 award ceremony soon after, where he was the chief guest.

How could the twitterati not react to this!

Not only his followers but even his industry colleagues couldn’t keep themselves from praising this new look!

Even the trolls could only joke about how flawless his looks were even at the age of 59.

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