International Champions Cup- All You Need To Know.

With the UEFA Euro and Copa America coming to an end, football fans around the globe are awaiting for the new season to begin. The Premier League kicks off on 13th August this year. So you might be wondering, what to watch over the course of the next few days. Many people don’t know this but there is a pre-season trophy to be snatched by some of the best clubs in the world and that is the International Champions Cup. Many people have the notion that these are just the pre-season friendlies, but the truth is that, there is actually a trophy at stake!



What is ICC?

International Champions Cup was founded by Relevant Sports, a division of RSE ventures. As already pointed earlier, this is friendly cup. Although there is no prize money, up for the grabs here, just the prestige of lifting the cup and coming back to play the next year. The best teams from all over the world participate in this tournament, including AC Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Premier League giants like Manchester United, Manchester City, and Chelsea. This tournament takes the best football clubs in the world and puts them on the pitch against each other. A feast for the fans, wouldn’t you say? On August 2nd, 2014 a new record was set for attendance at a football (Soccer) game in the United States. 109,318 spectators were present in the University of Michigan’s Michigan Stadium to watch the matchup between Real Madrid and Manchester United.

This tournament also lets the players get back into their form before the actual season starts. Although many managers tend to keep their star players out of this tournament, due to the fear of injury. But the teams are contract bound to play some of their star players. As of now, Real Madrid has been the most successful club in this tournament with three titles.


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This competition takes place in three editions across four continents- Europe, America, Australia and Asia, with the teams split into these regions. There is also a different trophy for each edition. The teams play out a specified a specified number of matches in their region and the team which tops the table at the end in their respective region wins. Yes, there are three trophies, each for the different region. The tournament starts on 22nd July and ends on 13th August, the same day as the premier league kick off. But the Premier League fans need not worry about their team tiring out as all the Premier League teams will have finished their set of matches by 7th of August.



Here Are the teams that will be playing in their respective editions:

America/ Europe Edition- Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Celtic, Chelsea, Liverpool, Inter Milan, Milan, Real Madrid, Leicester City, and Paris Saint-Germain.

China Edition- Manchester City, Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund.

Australia edition- Melbourne Victory, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Tottenham Hotspurs.

The underdogs who have won the premier League this season, Leicester City will be making their first appearance in this competition. From this we will be able to discern how they will fare in Europe. They will be facing footballing giants such as Celtic FC, FC Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain. They will get their first taste of the European football and may likewise prepare for their Champions League run this season.

So football fans, don’t miss out on anything and catch your favorite team pick out the best in Europe, live.

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