In India This Black Friday But Still Want To Make The Most Of It ?

You probably know that Black Friday History is one plagued with both the good and the bad. People sure do go to a lot of trouble to save some money. And it is hard to blame them. After all, people are motivated to save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. Advertising for Black Friday uses lots of clever tricks to lure shoppers into overflowing stores. Many shoppers are not even aware that they can grab the same Black Friday savings by shopping online as in-store.

The official Black Friday Date shifts each year(25th Nov,2016), which is because it takes place on the first Friday after Thanksgiving every year. Black Friday Shopping has its beginnings in the United States. It has become quite a spectacle to air on media, and now the entire world is aware of the sheer size of this event. Although its date revolves around Thanksgiving, countries that do not celebrate this holiday are nevertheless starting to take part in the shopping fun that this holiday represents.

Many shoppers just want to be a part of the unimaginable crowds and enjoy the holiday-related rush. It thrills some people to be a part of something so huge and exhilarating. But Black Friday is about a lot more than just storming the stores and trying to get your hands on as many items as possible. A more sensible option is to create your own version of participating in Black Friday.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals already live in many stores, now’s a great time to start buying from international websites. You may be wondering which websites ship to India, not only during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but otherwise also, and if they are reliable. Here’s a compilation of few websites that ship products to India.

For most of these we know people who have ordered from these stores and had successful experiences shopping – orders do take time to reach, and since most sites follow a marketplace model, look at the seller rating before you order.
Not all products available on ship to India, but there’s a good chance that the one you need can be sent to India. Shipping charges apply and you must pay Customs charges up front, which allows for hassle-free shopping. Alternatively you may check Amazon India’s global store, but you may not find the same discounts as on the US store.

Newegg is a popular online store in the US that sells computer peripherals and other electronic goods. If you find a good deal on something you need, you should head to its India page to see prices in INR and to check if the item ships to the country. Official support for India brings support for returns and refunds on some items as well, which makes ordering less of a risk.

eBay’s Global Easy Buy storefront lets you order stuff from the US while paying in INR. It’s worth checking out for some sweet deals on electronics, and eBay has a robust returns and refunds policy.

Dealextreme has a whole bunch of electronic goods and accessories often at extremely low prices. The China-based site offers free shipping to India on most products as well. It’s considered to be a pretty reliable seller for electronics.

B&H Photo Video
Among the best online stores for professional audio and video equipment, B&H Photo Video ships worldwide. Shipping charges and Customs duties apply.

Most of you will know iFixit as the site which does tear downs of various devices to give them a repairability score. The site also sells repair kits and if you are interested, they ship to India. Black Friday deals are on currently, in case you’re interested.

Aliexpress is based in China and sells everything from clothes to jewellery. Most of these items ship for free to India. Be careful about what you’re buying though. You can get legitimately great deals on the site, but if it sounds too good to be true, there’s a good chance that it really isn’t true.

Thinkgeek is a great site if you want to buy collectibles. This makes it ideal for buying gifts, and the fact that it ships to India is a nice bonus. If you’re looking for cool and weird gadgets, or unique pop culture memorabilia, Thinkgeek is the place to go to.

Abe Books
Bibliophiles, this one is for you. Abe Books offers free worldwide shipping on certain titles. The store is known for stocking rare editions, signed copies, and other books collectors are after. Now that Book Depository has stopped shipping books to India, Abe Books is perhaps the best store if you’re looking to save on shipping costs.

Etsy is a fantastic store for all kinds of souvenirs such as posters, mugs, and art prints. Many sellers ship to India as well, so it’s a great store if you want to buy gifts. Much of what’s on sale on Etsy is handmade and unique, which makes the store appealing to shop from.

Looking for deals on clothing? Asos ships worldwide, so perhaps that’s the store you want to check out. The free shipping can take some time, but the variety is great, and there are often some good deals to find if you’re a fashion conscious shopper.

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These are the stores we came across that ship internationally. Which of these have you ordered from? How was your experience? Are there any other stores you prefer? Let us know via the comments.

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