If You Are Graduating as an Engineer This Year, Here Are Some Job Roles You Might Not Be Aware Of

A lot of engineers would be graduating at the end of this semester around the month of May-June. Some of you reading this might be placed while some of you might still be sending in your resumes for interviews. Apart from the ones who get jobs in their dream company, some have to adjust with what is available at that point of time ad grab the opportunity and make most of it. Apart from the traditional job roles of mechanical/electrical/software engineer, here are some different job roles to look out after completing engineering that you might not be aware of.

Marine Logistics

Marine logistics involves overseeing the movement of goods by sea. Besides navigation and engineering, all the other operations related to ports/terminals and actual maritime transportation come under marine logistics. It includes scheduling, marketing of space, booking of cargo, safe transportation of cargo from one point to another, loading and unloading, supervision and liaison with customers.

Marine Logistics

Being an engineer, you can opt for a role of marine engineer. After graduation, you can join as apprentice and appear in different levels of competency exams after requisite sailing experience. Despite the development in technology and introduction of faster modes of transportation, shipping or marine logistics still remains one of the mainstays of the international movement of goods. Therefore, this sector has the maximum scope of employment from entry level to management levels.

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