How to deal with your roommates moodswings !

Adolescent phase is a classic time for mood swings and major hormonal imbalance. A challenge in itself. According to a study,  our brain is still developing and we are yet to learn how to handle our emotions and tackle a plethora of situations. Moody people are categorized as a flock of their own. They may be going through a difficult stage- they may be exhausted, sleep deprived ill or something must be constantly disturbing them.  Further depressions can be another cause of the negative mood-swings.

Things get worse when we are away from home, holed up in our own world. One experience is of a hostel. Dealing with a moody roommate, then becomes a challenge. You’ll often have  to handle her/his mood swings without letting it affect your mood and life. So, let’s strategize :
1. Do not take it personally : The mood swings aren’t because of you. (at least most of the times :P)It can be due to any incident that cropped up on the same day or due to any  past remembrance. So, when you are taking that beating, just calm down take a deep breath and relax.
2. Don’t reciprocate what you receive : If they start giving you or someone else preferential treatment, let it pass. It’s not because there is a fault in you, it is because they find it easier to avoid than deal with the problem. They think it’s the only way to smooth things over.
3. Sympathize : Ask them what’s bothering them.  You need to behave as their therapist, in a way. Sympathizing and lending an ear without any judgement can be a good start.
4. Stay calm and take a break : Remain calm while dealing with their mood swings. If you think it is not getting better, take a break for few days. This does not mean you have to ignore them completely
5. Don’t give them candies : In the effort to make your moody roommate feel better, don’t end up selling yourself short. You must still maintain boundaries and set limits. There is only so much you can do to make her/him feel better.
Negativity is very easily spread among peers. Try not to let the moodiness affect you. Use the aforementioned strategies so that they don’t become a challenge in your life.

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