Fat because of “JUNK-CCIDENT”!

Are you one of those  who have been planning to shed some extra pounds? Are you one of those innocent who hogged on junk-diet? Then go ahead, give this article a read.

The struggle to avoid unhealthy food is real. Hence to make life easy, here are a few alternatives that you can switch to. I know its hard and one has to toil harder to achieve his goal. But go ahead, give it a try atleast.


1. If you are always hustling and don’t have time to grab breakfast, never settle for “Maggi” or “Cereal” or “Packaged Juices”!

Instead take oats, boil them in water. Add salt and spices available in any Indian kitchen like chillies, turmeric, chaat masala, etc. Further to enrich your meal, you can add few chopped vegetables like peas, carrots and capsicum. Voila! Your healthy breakfast is ready.

The prepackaged cereals are only a mix of high fructose syrup and processed-till-the-nutrients-died corn. Having cereal is actually doing you a lot more harm than good.You can make a quick corn salad too! If you don’t have time, just eat some dry-fruits. They are a lot more healthy, filling and will keep you feeling full for long.

Your ‘real’ fruit juices are not real.It is only added flavor. There’s no real fiber hence,  no nutrients. It’s just like swallowing a glass full of sugar syrup. Squeeze fresh juice at home or just run down and get some coconut water from your nearest vendor. Coconut water is not only healthy, it is tasty and refreshing!

2. By the time noon rolls around, it may seem too easy to head to nearest pizza or burger joint. But hold up: Are you going to consume 1,844 calories by eating ‘Burger King Whopper with cheese’,’Medium-sized French fries’ and ‘Medium-sized  vanilla shake’?


Maybe you need to think again:  Here are few , healthy lunch options:

A) Taco Rice Salad: Convenient products, such as pre-seasoned yellow rice and picante sauce, flavor this easy one-dish meal that appeals to kids and adults alike.

B) Shrimp Caesar Salad: Precooked shrimp speeds up the preparation. If you purchase raw shrimp, then cook them in boiling water for 2 minutes or until done. Sriracha adds spicy heat to the dressing; omit it if you’d prefer a milder dish. Serve with a 1-ounce baguette slice  to complete the meal.

C) Green Club Sandwich: It’s a healthy and is packed full of goodness to keep you going till dinner.

i) Toast the bread and spread houmous evenly over one side of each slice. On one slice of bread, lay half the avocado, rocket and tomato. Season with pepper, then cover with another slice.

ii) Pile on the rest of the avocado, rocket and tomato, season again and top with the third slice. There you go!

(These recipes are all within 400 calories! You are welcome!)

3. Here is the main villain . TEA-TIME SNACKS.


Learn to say no to biscuits,” samosa” , “vada” etc. The best substitutes are : Salted cucumber slices, nuts, kiwis, greek yogurt, fruit smoothie with honey and whole grain toasts.

4. As the saying goes,’Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Beggar’, here are yummy and healthy recipes you could try for dinner instead of eating junk,spicy food causing you to hunt for an antacid in the middle of the night: Black beans and rice, Soya Chunks Curry, Broken Wheat Khichdi and finish it up with a glass of buttermilk.

End of the day we are all humans with cravings, so treat yourself occasionally (once a month) with Potato chips, sweet biscuits and chocolate which are high in salt, fat and kilo joules( just to pamper your tongue so that you don’t start a eating spree later on and flop the show!

I know, it’s a long way ahead. But you’ll reach there, soldier. Good luck!

Mahima Bala

Mahima Bala

Currently a Biomedical Engineering student.Passionate about writing short stories,poetry and loves to mingle.
Mahima Bala