Excessive Torture From College Management Led To The Suicide Of A Bright Engineering Student In Kerela

Today we received a very shocking message from one of our followers. It said that “Due to excessive torture from college management, their friend Jishnu committed suicide in his hostel room”. This was very shocking but when we looked up on the internet, this news was indeed true.

Jishnu Pranoy who is studiying Computer Science at NCERC Pampady, passed away day before yesterday evening (6-01-17).


He was a standout amongst the most gifted personality in the school. Master in web designing.Bagged the Prizes in area level tech fest(plus 2).His photograph was in daily paper for his astounding imaginative project (Prepaid energy meter). He had as of now named his future dream organization named COMMOS. High was his fantasies and Aims.

He was TORTURED seriously by the MANAGEMENT for a duplicate endeavor. As his companions expressed and the witnesses,Jishnu was INNOCENT.His answer paper was jotted and thrown(remember he is composing first sem college exam).

He was seriously tormented by the staff (Praveen CP-who was rejected from his past Sreepathy College for his poor lead with young lady understudies).

He needed to confront unforgiving criticism.He was then sent to Vice Principal where he was let go like hell..later to the Principal… It was 5.45 when he left school after the torture(exam was over at 4.00).

Furthermore, the enthusiastic coercion worked out, he suicided in his lodging room.

This was posted in a national complaint forum. [Link]

Within no time, various well established platforms took to this cause to bring this news to the people.

Justice For Jishnu has become a very  big movement in itself in very short time. Let his soul rest in peace and god give strength to his parents.