Engineers Now Might Have To Give Exit Test To Get A Job

Engineers might have to take a National Exit Test (NEXT) to determine their employability. This came up after Centre made it mandatory for Medical students to take the National Exit Test. It is claimed that the proposed move will be advantageous to students in the long run.

The Centre, concerned about the quality of  graduating engineers every year , proposed this test to determine the employability of the graduating engineers. Students of both government and private institution will have to give this exam and their marks will be shared with the prospective employers. This test is due to the feedback received by the government about the quality of the country’s engineering education, and engineering alone produces more than 7 lakh graduates every year.

Recent data show that only 20%-30% of the graduates are employable and get decent job. This is due to the lack of modern skills that is being demanded in the industries. This test will focus more on improving aptitude and soft skills of students.

The medical council of India has already proposed National Exit Test (NEXT)  test to be mandatory for obtaining degrees. It’s been rumoured that in engineering too it will be mandatory to take National Exit Test (NEXT) test to get degree,but this is not confirmed yet. However , the students will get their degree irrespective of their performance in the test.  The final decision will be taken at AICTE meeting. The participation in test might not be voluntary.

After this announcement was made, Dr P Shingare, who heads the state’s department of the medical education and research, had said that National Exit Test (NEXT) is a good move. “How can we equate a student from X university with one from Y University? National Exit Test (NEXT) will bring about standardization,” he had said.

Yes, this could bring some change in the number of employable graduates every year but what about the sub grades engineering colleges which fail to give standard education to students. Most of the engineering colleges are running just like the school system, as student go and focus only on theoritical part and less on practical,forget about improving soft skills. The cut-off marks for admission in engineering college is as low as 40% , this issues should be taken care.

Many people are opposing this decision saying these tests are useless until the license of sub standard colleges are taken, as they fail to provide the standard education and environment for a student to transform into an industry ready graduate. Instead engineering colleges in India have become business these days, we have more than 3000 registered engineering colleges producing 7 lakh graduates every year. Out of this 7 lakh only 20%-30% are emlpoyable.

Everything has changed or modernized with time to meet the current requirement ecept education. We still follow the traditional method of education, it’s good but insufficient in today’s world. More focus should be given on the college’s facilities and curriculum.

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