Butterflies Belong to You

Imagine, you have a big day tomorrow. You have to make a presentation for the project you have been bleeding into for the past several weeks. This presentation decides the future of your project and your life. You have gone through the script a multiple times, yet you tend to keep revising. Maybe because, you are afraid.  You have laid out your clothes, set your alarm and completed every action, solved every problem that had a possibility to arise. You close your eyes and try to sleep but can’t. You keep changing your sleep posture, but nothing helps.  Somehow, next morning you wake up on time, get dressed, have a heavy breakfast and reach your workplace. You were anxious before this, but now, your body seems to have a mind of its own! Your heart is beats faster, your body temperature fluctuates. Further you sweat profusely and hope that it does not show on your clothes. Your stomach knots and you can feel the butterflies.

Butterflies in stomach are caused due to nervousness. The root cause of nervousness, is anxiety. It is what prevents you from walking into the street with our eyes closed. It is what prevents us from jumping from high towers, it is the fear. It is the fear of the unknown.When you get nervous, your brain releases hormones called emergency hormones. These chemicals make our breath shorter, chests tighter and the blood from our body gush into our stomach.

Get rid or lessen your nervousness:

  1. Face your fear: Accept that you are afraid. Running away from your fears, suppressing your nervousness will just make you more anxious.
  2. Don’t overthink the situation: Don’t imagine the scenario in a “worse case possible” way. Think of it in the positive manner. The more positive you are, the more your confidence. Rationalise with yourself.
  3. Meditate: take deep breaths and count backwards from 10. This would be enough to calm your nerves for some time. Try keeping  a clear mind. Thinking about other things, might make your situation worse.
  4. Drink water: Hydrate yourself. Water helps with the blood flow. This will help you think clearly before your big event.
  5. Don’t let the past get to you:  Remember that the same things do not happen twice. Your past will not creep up on you. Along with time, you have changed too.

Be proud of yourself; stay confident; be comfortable in your skin. In any situation, being yourself will take you a long way. All those butterflies in your stomach, they belong to you and only you.