The Bhubaneshwar Graduate Who Is All Set To Make It Big In The Entertainment Industry

We all know some person, maybe a friend or a relative, who has amazing talents but is recognized only within their circle and sometimes not even that. A passionate bathroom singer or perhaps an expressive actor pouring out their talents in front of a mirror, they definitely crave for some platform that can aid them showcase their talents and show the world where they belong.

Sriram Mandothia at Parbati Productions in Bhubaneshwar

Sriram Mandothia at Parbati Productions in Bhubaneshwar

That joy of recognition and reach is what Parbati Productions from Bhubaneshwar provides. We had an opportunity to chat with the wonderful Sriram Mandothia, the man behind this production house. He is a B.Com graduate from SICC, Bhubaneshwar. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

Q1. What is Parbati Productions and what kind of projects do you take up?

“It is a small scale production house that finances singers and actors mainly from Odisha with their music videos and has them licensed and published on YouTube, giving them the opportunity to reach worldwide”, Sriram explained.

Q2. You had initially completed your B.Com, what diverted you into the entertainment industry?

“Surrounded  by talented singers, actors, composers as classmates in college along with my love for music, I felt it was my duty to get these talented youngsters established and appreciated by a bigger scale. The best I could do was initiate a production house and finance these artists to make it big”, said Sriram.

 Q3. How would you describe your experience with the Indian Entertainment industry?

“Since the work being undertaken does not come with hectic workloads or peer pressure, and is being done purely out of passion and interests, I find it to be enjoyable and comfortable.”

Q4. There are many other artists still out there, with incredible talent but not enough resources, what would you like to tell them?

“I always welcomes young artists, am glad to support and guide them through. Since the production house is only a year old, it has now been only able to lend helping hands to artists in Odisha. I aspire to be able to do the same for an artist from any state in future”, Sriram promisingly said.

Q5. Who has inspired and boosted you with the confidence of finding success?

“Parents have always been my major supporters and have encouraged me through every up and down. I look  up to Bijoy.K.Sahoo, the chairman of SAI International Group , who is from Odisha as my role model for his huge recognition and the many awards he has received.

Q6. What are the  Long term Goals you have in mind for Parbati Productions?

“Right now, the long term goal I wish to achieve is, inspire more talents from my native and  to add more artists through Parbati Productions into the Bollywood as well as Hollywood industries, thereby making them an integral part of international entertainment and give them access to all the fame they truly deserve.”

 Q7. Is there a  take home message you would like to leave?

“I just want to let the budding artists as well as producers know that there is nothing to fear about stepping out of their comfort zones and that they must try hard without expectations in order to relish on the fruits of success”.

Our team wishes him all success and fame for his upcoming projects and expresses gratitude for spending his time to give us so much insight about his work. Sit back and watch their latest work.