Are Prostitutes forced into prostitution or is it a choice? This question is asked by many and hence we wrote this.

One of my friends was waiting for his parents on one of the busiest streets in Bangalore. He stood there for 5 minutes as a young man, around the age of 20, approached. “Do you want someone?” he asked.

My friend looked confused.
“Someone for your needs-” the guy probed moving two fingers in the air, as two ladies appeared in sight. They were dressed in a sari, the pleats revealing too much of their body. They sported bright red lipstick, dark mascara and a seductive grin. One look at them, he looked away. Shaking his head frivolously, “No” he said to the guy and walked away.

It was only after some time that he realized that  the guy he had met, was in fact, a pimp. And those ladies? Well, they have several names – prostitute, whore, slut.

Prostitution has been considered the oldest profession of mankind.

A person can be born into the profession or can chose it. When born into the family, the child is influenced to enter that field. The field is then the back bone of their livelihood. It becomes a part of their life, the means to their living.

Some people do choose prostitution as a profession. These people are in need of money and are likely to develop an addiction to sex as time proceeds. A person makes several choices a  day: to jaywalk, eat foods loaded with trans fat, not wear a helmet while riding a motorbike, smoke, handle a loaded gun. As a civilized society we recognize that choices such as those listed above are potentially harmful to the individuals who engage in them, as well as others around them who don’t. In this context, supreme value is placed on the ability to choose, but not on what is chosen. As long as a perception of the freedom to choose exists, most people are happy to let others pursue whatever course they will.


How do they live with the prostitution exchange of their bodies? Knowing full well how their own selves are not seen, let alone wanted, by their clients, women create a prostitution identity — other names and life histories, and all manner of pretences that conform to customers’ specifications. These created identities and personalities hide away and protect the real self that continues to exist outside of prostitution.

In conclusion, prostitution can be a choice or a compulsion.

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