The 8 Unspoken Rules Of Hostel Life You Need To Follow

Along these lines, school is over, results announced, college confirmations have started and you are one of those abandoning your home to have another existence in another place that will be your home far from home for the following couple of years: your hostel. It is just normal to be frightened about it. In any case, here we give you a little understanding into the implicit standards of lodging that will help you cruise through the hostel existence easily.

The very first occasion that you enter the hostel, acquaint yourself with the stated rules of the territory.

The first introduction is a crucial time to form your first impression on your seniors.

The people who came up with the phrase ‘first impression is the last one’ must surely have come up with it living in a hostel! So, make sure your introduction is just right; not one that’ll make you look like a smart a#s, nor one that makes you an easy ragging punch bag!

Carry a load full of respect that you can present to every senior that you may cross, no matter how unwanted they are.

You don’t want to be get noticed by your seniors because if by any chance you do, then you are screwed! Never come in the limelight.

Never take more than 10 minutes in the washroom.

When the clock strikes 12, all your friends shout out to you and pull you out to the corridor and the moment of realization sinks in when you actually start to curse the moment when you were born.

Bad exam, good exam, end exam, no exam, got hitched, had a breakup, Christmas, New Year, Diwali, Holi etc etc.. Let it be anything. It calls for a ‘little’ celebration, calls for smuggling in bottles to open happiness .

You become fat from fit when you visit home and then fit again! This cycle goes on.

Abiding by these rules at the hostel makes your stay harmonious.