7 Places You Need To Travel To Before You Graduate

Don’t just create memories inside your campus throughout your college life, but go out & travel to your dream destinations with your friends. College is not  just to come up with your ambitions but also to leave you with bunch of everlasting memories. Before you get graduate & face the real world & start running with a office bag, pack your bags & run towards the mountains & before you earn cash, earn some experience that will never get spent. Here are the 7 places where you must step in before you step out from you college life.

  • GOA
    Goa is one amongst that place that stays always at the top of every traveler’s list.Goa has well over 25 amazing beaches ranging from the full-of-life party destinations to the serene and peaceful ones.Goa is a perfect place to enjoy the summers as the beaches gives you a relief from the disciplined college life .Not just the summer but the new years during winter serves you with the never ending night parties .heard of EDM,then pack your bags & get your buddies ready for this winter & say good bye to 2k16 with SUNBURN.!!


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