5 Reasons Why Engineering Is The Best Course In The World

There is a funny saying in India, “People first become engineers and and then decide what to become in their life” , which to be honest is completely true. Every year humongous number of students enter into various engineering disciplines across the country. Some are intelligent, some are average. But engineering is believed as a religion on the campuses which irrespective of the intellectual quotient, brings every type of student together.

This image below is just a representation of the changes that happen in the traits of an engineering student over the years. In the 1st year, he is calm and composed just out of their parents hold. In the 2nd year, he starts exploring new things, makes  new friends and becomes more confident. By the 3rd year, he becomes very confident about everything apart from placements/future. When the time for placement comes, every student cracks the mantra for life – “Sab Moh Maya Hai” and then moves forward in life no matter what.


And to people who aren’t engineers, i agree everyone has their own share of joy and awesomeness, but some things, only engineering can give you. Engineers can relate with me on the points below.

1) Making friends throughout the country

During the 4 years of engineering, the only thing where you score maximum numbers is making new friends. By the end of my engineering, i knew names of more cities in India than any average geography school teacher would know and had friends in more states than i had ever traveled to. Now you have places to crash in almost every state in the country whenever you feel like going on a budget backpacking trip. Not only this, you also get to learn many languages and different cultures. Which can be learnt nowhere else but here.

2) Chai, Sutta and 4 am Chronicles

This is something every engineer can relate to. An engineers life is incomplete without this. The sale of your nearest tea stall early morning is more than that of the whole day combined. And most of the life’s important decisions are taken over chai-sutta. Whether it is a love life decision or an important startup idea discussion, this is the best time for all of it. There is no special time of month or year when this happens the most. There are particular shops which only open during that part of the day and remain shut down rest part of the day. Be it your semester exams or holidays the sales number of chai-sutta never drops.

3) You Learn About Everything But Engineering

People learn more about themselves during engineering. It is true that only very few of engineering graduates take up core engineering roles after completing their course, while most of them either follow their passion or just tell others how to follow their passion. Students participate in a lot of event, but classes which leads them to know many more things. If you have worked for your college fest, you would probably know many things which people can only experience when they join a 9-5 desk job.

4) Group Trips Are a Must

As soon as the end sem exam dates are announced, the IRCTC websites get loads of traffic as students start booking their tickets. These tickets are not for going home, but for their holiday trip with friends. There is one guy in every group who has visited a lot of places and keeps telling you stories which force you to visit that place atleast once before dying and then you somehow manage to visit the place on the next vacation itself. Engineers vacation are also very famous for being short and budgety. You can visit any place within the shortest of holiday if you are an engineer.

5) You learn to ignore, handle and prioritize stuff

Though its a lot of fun, but with age comes responsibility. And us engineers too become mature with time. We learn to handle love, friends, family, academics along with that startup idea trying to build up in the back of our minds. With every year, your attendance percentage decreases but intelligence percentage definitely increases because by the time you reach 4th year, life would have taught you numerous things which even a course in philosophy may not be able to teach you. Solving your friends love problem to repairing the AC/Fridge in your room, you have done it all. Standing in the long time outside the xerox shop to get the study material xeroxed to managing to pass an exam while you were partying hard the day before.