22 Powerful Pictures Of Attempted Rape That Show The Real Face Of Rapists

untitled-1Rapists have really made it hard for us to hold newspapers every morning.

Being the talk of the cities of every Indian state for months now, everyone is keen on making news about it, but there have been a very cogent series by Ganesh Toasty, who thought of taking it in a different way. He is a Photographer, and his string was so powerful that it didn’t even need any captions to describe it.

I bet that the photography series is surely going to touch your heart.

Photography and story credit : Blackpearl Photography

Tanirika, She is an ordinary Indian girl.

Tanirika, as her name suggests is an ardent lover of flowers. She spends most of her time taking care of the various plants around her home. She talks to them while watering and together they gaze at the rising sun. Though her curious mind took her to lands faraway from home, her legs always found their way back. Those faraway lands taught her what she needs to make the world a better place but she chose home because there’s where her heart lies.


Having a good chat with her Appa.

Athreya, Tanirika’s father or appa as she prefers to call him is a teacher and has lived his whole life in this small coastal town. In his years of teaching he has said more ‘goodbyes’ than ‘Welcome backs’ as almost every year the children he taught left town for a better life after graduation. A wise man by all means, he never blamed them for their choice. He always wished each one of them the best and stood there watching silently as his beautiful town was being deprived of its youth. He did the same when his lovely daughterTanirika left town a few years back for her studies. He never expected her to return but when she did he knew right away that it is the happiest moment of his life. He helped her set up her own garden near their home and watched everyday with so much love as she took care of it. He realised that what she misses is a good life partner and expresses his wish to her. She readily agrees as she knows that her father will always do the best for her.


In her fantasy of the future.

Her eyes look upon the open sky with joy as the light passes by. Her smile reveals to the vast expanse with her eyes the excitement her heart has for the beautiful and infinite possibilities that are going to be rained upon her.


The Friends- A fisherman (Mahesh) and a magnate (Sunil).

One man a fisherman and the other an office executive, Kathir and Selvam have been friends from their school days. Despite the differences in their fortunes they have managed to sustain their friendship. Born into a pretty well off family, Kathir had a secured life while growing up but everything turned upside down when he reached high school. His father fell into alcoholism and had reached a place where there was no turning back. They lost almost everything and kathir had no choice but to take responsibility. He quit his studies early to support his family and his hands never touched a book ever since. Sometimes when he looks at Selvam he couldn’t help but wonder how his life would’ve turned out if he hadn’t sacrificed his education but the feeling never turned into jealousy as he is genuinely happy with what Selvam has achieved.

Selvam is a person who seems calm and gentle on the surface but in him lays another side that his friends on rare occasions have witnessed. A side that’s ugly and violent. When provoked Selvam can change into a totally different person with fuming eyes and strong hands that just want to destruct and his friends are aware that it’s not a pleasant sight and they try their best not to rouse him in any manner.

More friends : Raghav and Dilip.

Kathir and Selvam meet up with their close friends after three months, Rudhra and Vasu. Rudhra is the youngest of the lot and also the most fractured. He lost his dad at a very young age and had to helplessly watch as his grieving mother took over his father’s Bakery business. She has worked very hard ever since to make ends meet. The only shining light during those times of darkness was Janavi, his ex-girlfriend. He loved her with his whole heart and felt with her a kind of happiness that he’s never felt before. She gave his life some meaning and he cherished every moment he spent with her but like the saying goes ‘all good things come to an end’ their relationship perished. Janavi slowly fell out of love with him and eventually found someone else. He felt hurt and betrayed. He spent the months following the breakup with so much denial and kept pursuing her for a valid reason and never being satisfied with what he hears in return. After a point he realised that it was over and let the grief take over him. He started visiting sex workers with what little money he made and it eventually became a habit that he couldn’t end. He drove himself to sex addiction trying to forget a memory but with no avail and he’s slowly moving away from the person he could be.

Vasu, A collegue of Selvam is a very knowledgeable and well-read person but has the strange quality of not applying what he has learnt as he’s extremely malleable and easily convinced to do something. He has always preferred others to take the lead and it doesn’t take a lot to make him say yes to almost everything.

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