15 Things Women MUST Have In Their Handbag !

Women carry their world in their handbag. To us, it is far more than only an enclosure to keep our cellphones, cash, keys and cards. While men consider a woman’s handbag to be a mysterious thing which they aren’t suppose to open; but if they know what is inside, they probably would agree that these items are necessary. Ladies, you might be a student teenager, professional woman or a housewife, you would want your make up to stay put till you want to, so that you stay ready for anything that comes along your way. Here are few essentials you should have in your handbag.

1. Hand Sanitizer:  No matter what, hygiene comes first. You meet a lot of people everyday, travel to places, do a lot of stuff and get in contact with germs. You cannot wash our hands always so a hand sanitizer is the perfect solution.


2. Hair items: Hair makes up so much of your look. We all try to look our best, and we do when we leave home. Then we go out and pull our hair up when it’s hot or tie them when riding a vehicle. A few bobby pins or rubber bands won’t take lot of space.


3. Hair brush: We just cannot afford having messy hair after lunch hours or after that auto ride. A small comb always comes to the rescue.

4. Urgent medicine: You might be migraine or asthma patient. While we all take utmost care for such things to not ruin critical moments, they often do. It would be necessary to keep staple medicines handy and in the thing you carry everywhere.

5. Notepad & Pen: You should always, always have a pen right by you, to note down the things you don’t want to forget. While a notebook may seem bit of a space user, a small pad or a Moleskine would not be hard on your handbag.

6. Cosmetics: Girls, no matter whatever that advertisement promises you, your make will not stay, as it says, through out your day. So always keep a few items like Kohl, Lipstick or Compact to put yourself back to perfect.

7. Tampon or Pad: Oh you definitely do not want to stain yourself with those marks, or rush to the store in such condition. Having extras is always helpful, if not to you, may be someone else on their bad day.

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8. Breath Mint or Gum: Trust me on this, you do not want anyone to figure out whether you had garlic for lunch, by your breath at 3PM. A mint or gum always makes sure this doesn’t happen. And those girls in relationships, I need not say out loud how important it is to you. 😉

9. Band-aids: The pain of that shoe-bite your beautiful new ballet shoes or stiletto is about to give you is terrible. I do understand. Be ready for that.

10. Pepper spray: It may not come to use quite often and we all hope it doesn’t come to use at all. But having pepper spray in your handbag will render you bravery a jerk tries to get his hands on you.

11. Headphones: The best getaway to just get into your own world. Whether it be a waiting at the bus stand, or the lunch you eat alone, headphones will be your best friend.

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12. Small Pack of Tissue: Whether it’s a hot sweaty day or a cold sneezy evening, paper napkins do help.

13. Portable Phone Chargers: With all the location services on our phones and all the unstoppable internet surfing and texting, our phone drains it’s battery out. A portable charger makes carefree about the battery for an entire day. Well, don’t forget to charge that first. 😛

14. USB Drives: Small USB Drives can come in extremely useful when you have to acquire data from your friend, or give your pretty pictures to your boyfriend in an instant.

15. Cash: Last but not least, hard cash. Yes ATM cards have made life really easy but I am sure if your vehicle breaks down for no reason and you have to take an auto, or you have to pay a small amount somewhere, you will need nothing but cash.


Whether you like keeping it light or you like stuffing your whole house in it, these things are MUST to have. If you don’t have these things in your handbag, put it in right away, so I say. 🙂