10 “Just-Indian” Things – We Are Like That Only!

There are certain ‘Indian-isms’ that unite us all from one tip of the country to another. Everything we do is accentuated by the typically Indian style in which we do it – and here are the  10  typical Indian things every Indian does!

  1. Our Mom is our Alarm Clock! You don’t need an alarm to wake you up, no alarm clock can match you mom.”Five more minutes, mom, please!” Waking you up every day is a task for her. 2
  2. Chocolates,lollipops are a form of currency too! You are used to getting all sorts of candies and toffees instead of change from the shopkeepers.3
  3. There are only 2 career options! When you grow up, you either become a doctor or an engineer – because your parents told you so.4
  4. The Astrologer controls your life! Consult an astrologer throughout your life—before taking exams, getting a job,getting married or starting a business.5
  5. The “Sharma Ji Ka Beta” lecture is UNAVOIDABLE! Parents will always compare every single test score of yours with that of every cousin or neighborhood kid (and DAMN! He/She is always the smarter one!).6
  6.  There is always a cover full of covers! You tend to  ask for extra shopping bags whenever you go shopping, and hoard them at home because, “It will come in use some day”. As a result, there are polybags inside polybags inside polybags in some corner of your house.a4f7206be660e6b655afb83b0dd6606e
  7. We LOVE Freebies!  We don’t hesitate to ask for free dhaniya/green chillies after buying vegetables, that ‘extra’  papri/golgappa/panipuri after being served the number you actually paid for, from the vendors.magjourn-15
  8. First Aid means “Home Remedies”! Before you actually go to the doctor for any ailment, you will first try all possible home remedies from ginger to turmeric to honey to Tulsi.Herbs and spices with mortar and bottle with oil
  9. Missed calls are the basic way of communication! As mobile service providers do not charge for a call not answered, Indians have done away with telegrams to use ‘Missed Call’ as Morse code. It is only in India that you will get to hear “Could you not even give me a missed call?”28468121
  10. Always in a Hurry! Being in a hurry and being late goes hand in hand in India. Every person wants to be the first to get in/off the bus or train. Most of the queues end up as a crowd of people, as soon as one person cuts it off. Even on the roads, every person is in hurry and rarely follow traffic rules. Wonder how Indians end up being late?tumblr_m9exgdebvg1raxf7so1_500

If you are an Indian, you may be fuming in anger at this article, but deep in your heart you know that these facts  about Indian mentality are absolutely true!